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My name is Johnny K

I am a Web Designer and Developer. The best part of my job is making good clients better.

Johnny K and KJ

Let me help you meet your company's needs.

If you’re here, you need a website. And a marketing plan. That’s where I come in.

What are your trying to sell? What message are you trying to convey? What images illustrate your message?

These questions are at the forefront of every design I work on. Working hand in hand with you is the most important aspect of building an online presence. It takes brainstorming and team effort to put across your message. Helping your company expand to its fullest potential is my greatest satisfaction.

Your website and social media marketing strategy needs real world function and beauty. Let’s face it, you could have the most advanced UI/UX on the web, but if nobody knows it’s there, does it make a difference?
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Connect and Engage with your customers.

Let them know you care.

Social Media is more than staying connected with friends. Its how businesses engage customers on a regular basis, whether it's promoting a new product, deals of the day, or letting them know how much you appreciate their relationship with you.

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Personally serving the greater NYC/NJ area!

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